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Some Of Our Happy Customers:

Do you struggle to get your sermon audio online?

  • Is the process taking too much time?
  • Are you way behind?
  • Is it time to change the process?
  • Are you struggling to get everything in place?
  • Do you need a simple solution to solve this?
  • Does the technology make your brain hurt?

Closer Sharing Works Best for Small and Medium Size Churches with:

  • 50-250 Attendees
  • Single or Multiple Services
  • Volunteer or Part-Time Technical Staff
  • Desire to Provide Sermons Online

If you preach a message and want it to reach more people, you need Closer Sharing.

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Get Your Sermon Audio Online

This video walkthrough will help your church eliminate the hassle and reach more people.

Pastor Steve

"We needed a quick, easy, inexpensive way for our volunteers to be able to record and attractively post each Sunday's messages. Closer Sharing is the best we've found. Their customer service is amazing. They'll work with your staff or inexperienced volunteers to help them get set up and running, in no time."

-Pastor Stephen Schwambach

Get Your Sermon Online

Closer Sharing solves getting your message online without hiring additional staff.

Create a Podcast Quickly

With Closer Sharing, it only takes a couple of minutes to produce your sermon podcast.

Zero Tech Hassle - EVER!

Closer Sharing handles the technology so you save time and frustration.

What Makes Closer Sharing So Different?

Closer Sharing is revolutionary because it takes care of the technology required to turn your sermons into a podcast without hiring additional staff or frustrating your volunteers.

Pastor Steve

"Closer Sharing has been a tremendous blessing to our church. It is easy to learn, fast to use, and takes the headache out of having your sermons online."

-Pastor Morgan Flagler

What’s My Investment?

If your church has been unable to get your sermons online or is currently spending hours figuring out how to format your messages into a professional podcast, how much is that costing you? If your messages are not online in a format people use, how many people can’t hear from you? How many miss out when they are out of town? How many are unable to share a message that mattered to them with a friend or co-worker? Not having a simple solution may already be costing you a great deal.

  • Recording App
  • Unlimited Cloud Sermon Storage
  • Alert Subscriptions
  • Automatic Feeds (including iTunes)
  • Sermon List Widget for Your Site
  • Professional Intros and Outros
  • Detailed Listener Statistics
  • Complete Setup Instructions
  • Help Anytime You Get Stuck